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Parental Alienation

Child custody and visitation are complicated and tricky issues when it comes to divorce in California. For the most part, there are cases where both parents understand that what is best for their child is a quick, amicable divorce resolution. One that does not bring the child into a ball of conflict and stress.

Unfortunately, there are those cases in which child custody issues are hotly contested. For some cases, it is due to an actual emergency situation such as domestic violence, alcohol or drug abuse or endangerment of the child.

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But there are also unfortunate situations in which one or many parties (even those outside the divorce such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, close family friend, etc.) who will poison the situation with parental alienation tactics. These are tactics that are sometimes unintentionally inflicted, but for the most part intentionally inflicted upon the child. Lies may be systematically fed to the child about one of the parents or the child may be led to believe abuse happened when in fact it absolutely did not. Parental alienation is very serious, and it is important you have an attorney who can successfully help you with such a difficult divorce issue.

Divorce Issues Involving PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome)

The most common divorce issue that involves parental alienation is child custody. Also known as PAS (parental alienation syndrome), one parent will use the child to “alienate” the other parent. This may include telling the child systematic lies about the other parent, keeping the child away from the other parent, using the child as a “spy” and blocking the other parent from the child’s school functions/activities.

PAS can seriously impact a child emotionally. The child may feel conflicted about which parent to trust, unsure of what the actual truth is or even manipulated into feeling the need to protect the alienating parent. Because of the serious nature of PAS, it is important to take action immediately and reach out to a lawyer with extensive experience in child custody and visitation issues in California.

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