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Reality Of Divorce In San Diego

The truth and reality of divorce in San Diego: Lawyers, even the best, are not magicians. We can’t kick the game-winning field goal from 100 yards away, to save you from an unfavorable decision. We work with facts clients give us, and we all are supposed to know the laws and local rules. Where attorney Sam Godkin takes great pride is to be able to take facts and “think outside the box.” As renowned artists would do, he paints the best picture possible with the facts given to him, such that the perception is more important than the facts themselves.

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There are many ways to get an advantage. Attorney Sam Godkin incorporates creativity, pragmatics and ethics to give you the best chance to give you the results you want with the reality of the situation. For more information or to schedule your initial consultation with him, contact us online. Our family law firm serves clients throughout the San Diego, California, area.

The Truth About Winning In Your Divorce

Here is the reality of divorce: The lawyer you choose to hire will make a difference in the outcome of your case. All the judges are different and all the mediators are different with different viewpoints, past experiences and backgrounds. The same fact pattern can be interpreted in 50 different ways by multiple judges — which is how our legal system is meant to operate. Being familiar with your local court system can sometimes make a difference by dictating your presentation based on the local knowledge.

That is where seasoned attorney Sam Godkin will use his local San Diego experience to argue your case in a customized and tailored manner. There is actually a lot of psychology behind divorces that Sam Godkin has decades of experience with. He truly knows how to navigate the local San Diego judicial waters. He knows the human elements and the psychological elements that can attribute to a successful divorce outcome in San Diego.

Utilizing Mediation To Your Advantage

Attorney Sam Godkin believes in the mediation process as there are many benefits to it. When mediation is used to come to an agreement on all divorce issues, both parties are able to tailor their agreement to what they want — not a judge. However, your situation must be the right circumstance for mediation. This is where Sam Godkin’s experience as a divorce and mediator can help make that determination.

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