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Founding attorney Samuel S. Godkin has been practicing divorce law in San Diego since 1996. His background as a certified mediator creates avenues for his clients to purse a collaborative divorce or avoid the headaches of litigation while saving both time and money.

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The emphasis at The Law Offices of Samuel S. Godkin and Associates is on getting positive results for you, not impressing you with our past qualifications. For more about our credentials, please follow the link below to a detailed profile.

Many divorce lawyers say proudly that they start preparing for trial from day one. Our approach is different. Once we understand the issues, we immediately start looking for ways to settle your divorce, not litigate it, unless litigation becomes absolutely necessary. While the goal is always to win for you on key issues, we know from experience that no one ultimately wins a drawn-out, needlessly expensive battle.

Mr. Godkin believes in finding rational, practical solutions to tough problems without resorting to costly litigation. He has been a certified mediator throughout his legal career, and his track record in complex divorce disputes involving child custody and financial issues speaks volumes. The other attorneys and professionals we work with share our consciousness of the big picture, and we all work to find cost-effective ways for our clients to reach the most beneficial outcomes.

If you need divorce representation, in the San Diego area — and you want straight talk and cost-effective action — contact us today to speak with Samuel S. Godkin or one of his associates that practices in your area of need.

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