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Many people believe that a prenuptial agreement demonstrates a lack of trust or lack of faith in the marriage. However, financial conflict is a primary factor leading many spouses to the decision to divorce. Thoroughly discussing financial and property-related concerns prior to the marriage enables couples to address important issues up front, learn financial tendencies of each other and resolve differences in how delicate financial issues will be handled throughout their marriage. Not only does creating a prenuptial agreement enable couples to minimize the potential for conflict throughout their marriage, it allows them to ensure the protection of children from prior marriages.

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Contact an experienced San Diego prenuptial/postnuptial agreement attorney at The Law Offices of Samuel S. Godkin and Associates to discuss your circumstances and to learn how you could benefit from a premarital or postmarital agreement.

Advantages Of A Prenuptial Or Postnuptial Agreement

Gone are the days where prenups were only necessary if you were rich or famous. Second and third marriages, blended families, family businesses, etc. are all increasing the need for a prenuptial agreement for all couples contemplating marriage — across the financial, social or cultural spectrum.

  • Protect the inheritance rights of children from prior relationships
  • Ensure the longevity of a personal or family business
  • Resolve financial issues openly with all the information on the table
  • Protect assets from the other spouse’s creditors
  • Avoid costly expenses of future potential property division disputes

With his extensive legal experience, Mr. Godkin is equipped to help clients in creating comprehensive premarital and postmarital agreements that fully address their unique needs and provide protection for the future. Our prenuptial agreement services include thorough review, negotiation and drafting of prenuptial agreements. Additionally, we handle disputes arising over the validity or enforceability of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements in California.

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