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Almost every divorce leads to significant life changes. When children are involved, however, all the decisions you must make — including your selection of an attorney to represent you — can rise to the next level of importance. For many of the mothers and fathers we serve, all other priorities are secondary to a favorable child custody arrangement.

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Whether you expect child custody and visitation issues in your divorce to be intensely disputed, or you simply want to ensure your parental rights and your kids’ interests are protected at every turn, we encourage you to contact our San Diego child custody attorney for counsel.

We take great pride in our rate of success achieving child custody outcomes that serve the interests of everyone involved. Attorney Samuel S. Godkin‘s experience as a certified mediator is a key asset as we work with you to define clear goals and build an effective strategy to achieve them.

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It is critical to understand that judges and others involved in establishing child custody orders are required to prioritize what they believe is best for the children. In recent years, recognition has increased that:

  • Under all but extreme circumstances, children benefit from continued close relationships and frequent, regular contact with both the mother and father.
  • Many factors in a family situation may contradict the historic tendency to award the mother primary custody and the father limited visitation rights. Today in California, fathers do win custody and equal parenting time is a reasonably common outcome.

Mr. Godkin deals with child custody matters effectively on both a legal and psychological level, with the knowledge that judges and mediators are human beings with only their perceptions of a situation to work with. Consequently, we take every opportunity to make certain they see your strengths and positive traits — not simply the picture of you that your divorcing spouse may wish to create.

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To discuss your goals — from obtaining child custody to establishing an innovative visitation agreement that fits your unique lifestyle — with an honest North County visitation rights lawyer prepared to go the distance in your case, request a consultation with Samuel S. Godkin today.

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