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Only a small percentage of California divorces ultimately go all the way to trial, but billions of dollars are spent each year trying to resolve disputes along the way. Horror stories about divorces that cripple people financially and outcomes that ultimately serve no one’s best interests are often true — but they do not have to become reality for you.

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Targeting Fair, Efficient Divorce Settlements In San Diego County

To consult a skilled San Diego divorce attorney who will help you target a fair settlement and strategy from the outset — rather than one who will happily fuel the fire to generate fees while causing continual stress, contact The Law Offices of Samuel S. Godkin and Associates.

North County Mediation Attorney, A Strong Advocate With the Insight Of A Certified Mediator

Since 1996, attorney Samuel S. Godkin has been helping divorcing men and women settle differences and move forward in life. He is proficient at:

  • Encouraging people to make decisions with the big picture in mind, rather than engaging in costly disputes over issues that ultimately do not matter
  • Assessing disputes over child custody and visitation as the court is likely to view them, in order to provide practical, realistic counsel
  • Leveraging a network of excellent professional resources, such as business appraisers and psychologists, when necessary to establish key facts and protect your interests

Filing For A Divorce In Oceanside, California? We Offer Solutions That Protect You, Your Children And Your Assets

Many divorce lawyers say proudly that they start preparing for trial from day one. Our approach is different. Once we understand the issues, we immediately start looking for ways to settle your divorce, not litigate it, unless litigation becomes absolutely necessary. While the goal is always to win for you on key issues, we know from experience that no one ultimately wins a drawn-out, needlessly expensive battle.

Mr. Godkin is insightful and direct. His specific strengths as a family law attorney include:

  • Ability to help divorcing men and women quickly grasp their legal rights and obligations in order to visualize workable solutions
  • Ready recognition of cases that lend themselves to resolution through divorce mediation, which can ease animosity and protect assets for everyone involved
  • Hands-on, extensive knowledge of the unique issues that can arise in a military divorce or divorce with complex assets and property such as a family business at stake

If you are facing or preparing for divorce, call or e-mail our North County mediation lawyer now to arrange an informative initial consultation.

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