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If you have minor children, it is a near-certainty that child support will be required at some level during and after your divorce. Whether you anticipate paying or receiving child support, San Diego child support lawyer Samuel S. Godkin can thoroughly explain legal guidelines and help you establish sound expectations early in the divorce and custody process, so you can make other key decisions accordingly.

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Forming Realistic Expectations And Avoiding Injustice In Child Support Matters

Contact us to arrange an informative initial consultation with an experienced and dedicated San Diego child support lawyer. With over 15 years of experience focused on family law representation and mediation, attorney Samuel S. Godkin has the knowledge, skill and determination to provide effective legal counsel to clients in San Diego County and throughout the South Bay area.

California Child Support Guidelines

Under California law, both parents are responsible for the necessary living and medical expenses of their children. Divorce does not change the obligation to financially support your children. California child support guidelines are used to determine the percentage of financial responsibility that each parent has. While child support guidelines are relatively straightforward — using the monthly income of each parent and the amount of time the child spends with each parent (according to the child custody order or parenting agreement) to calculate support, additional factors may influence child support obligations, such as:

  • Employment-related day care expenses
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Out-of-pocket health care expenses
  • Expenses relating to the care of a special needs child

Do You Need To Modify Child Support Payments In California?

Mr. Godkin is well equipped to assert your interests and the interests of your children in child custody and support matters. Additionally, should circumstances significantly change in the future — requiring an increase or decrease in child support, he can provide the experienced advice and legal counsel necessary in child support modification requests.

Focused On Securing A Positive Result In Your Child Support Case

At The Law Offices of Samuel S. Godkin and Associates, we have effectively handled divorce cases across the cultural and financial spectrum, defending the financial positions of men and women in a full range of circumstances. Contact us today to arrange for an initial consultation tailored to your situation. Call us at 619-573-4193 or 866-919-6373.

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